Interested in books?

It’s been a while.

After finishing BBST Foundations -course I’ve been reading a lot. First I finished the beta version of Elisabeth Hendrickson’s new book: ‘Explore it!’. After that came ‘Perfect Software: And Other Illusions about Testing’ by Gerald M. Weinberg. Now I’m reading ‘Lessons Learned in Software Testing’ which is written by Cem Kaner, James Bach and Bret Pettichord. One of the main reasons why I’m reading in quick pace books now, is that I’m participating Rapid Software Testing -course in few weeks (23-25th of October) and I want to gain more understanding of context-driven testing. I hope that by gaining more knowledge about it, I will also face things that trouble me and I will have good opportunity to ask about them at the course.

I noticed while reading ‘Lessons Learned in Software Testing’ that there is a lot of interesting book recommendations. They fall under many different categories (e.g. epistemology, negotiation, disciplined exploration or reproducing nonproduciple bugs). While seeing all these recommendations, it came to my mind: “Why don’t I do a mind map of these book recommendations?”. And here it is:

I haven’t reviewed it a lot, so there might be mistakes or few books missing. Also some of the books are under few topics, as their content is fitting more than one topic. Personally I have not read almost any of these books, so there is a lot for me to dive in for. Considering my current Amazon Wishlist – which contains 30 books – reading all of these books will take years. But that’s allright. I’ve got time. This is my career. This is my life.

5 thoughts on “Interested in books?

  1. Cool MindMap! I’ve recently finished that Book (“Lesson Learned…”) and really wished I’d made a list of the recommended books while I was reading it, so I’m really glad you went on and did that. It’s a long list, but I hope to get to some of them. btw, “Perfect Software” is the next on my list :)

    • First of all, apologies for replying with such a delay.

      Second, I’m glad you enjoyed the mind map. There’s a lot of interesting books to read. Will be challenging to choose the ones to start with :)

      “Perfect Software” is also a book that I need to read again in future. I enjoyed it a lot and it gave many great arguments for discussions with people that do not understand what testing is about. Definitely a good choice!



    • Hi Michael,

      Sorry my reply has taken a while.

      The mind map was done with XMind. When you are talking about sharing, you probably mean the original XMind format file? I can try adding it to the original post and if it does not succeed, then we can try email.



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