Audio Of Several Let’s Test Sessions Shared

Me and my colleague (Samuli Elomaa@samuliel) recorded a lot of sessions, and keynotes on Let’s Test conference. In total we recorded 11 sessions and 2 keynotes. We recorded them mainly for two reasons.

  1. We wanted to share the recordings with testing community
  2. We wanted to have more material to support our notes

After listening the recordings, we had to drop few. Kristoffer Nordström’s python coding session was not really that helpful, without you seeing what’s happening, when he is coding. Then there were few sessions, that I’ve not yet received permissions for sharing. I’ll add them later if I receive permissions. It’s also good to know, that we cut the conversations with pairs from Tobias Fors’s Systems Thinking For The Rest Of Us. You couldn’t understand the conversation, so we concluded that it’s best to cut it off. Tobias knows about this.

So, in total we are now sharing 8 sessions and 2 keynotes. Regarding keynotes, you can already find the audio from Johanna Rothman’s keynote, here. I will though share that audio file here also. It’s also good to know, that Ilari Henrik Aegerter has already published the video of his talk here. We still thought, that someone might find value in the audio of his talk, and therefore will publish it here also.

My colleague already shared these recordings earlier. If you want to listen them online, you can find them here (downloading requires registration, that is free).

Otherwise, here is the link that leads to a folder that contains the audio of those 8 sessions and 2 keynotes. They are at my Dropbox, where they are easy to download from.

I also want to highlight, that I’ve asked a permission for sharing, from all of the presenters. If there is though someone, who feels that we should not share a particular audio recording. Please contact me, either here, or in Twitter (@al3ksis).

In case you want to record yourself in future. Here are few lessons learned, and details about how we recorded:

  • Both of us had Galaxy Note and Smart Voice Recorder application
  • We learned, that when sitting in the front row, you get better audio quality. For example, Zeger van Hese’s, Mark Micallef’s and Dawn Haynes’s sessions are recorded, when I sat in the front row.
  • Ask the permission for recording, before the session starts.
  • Ask the permission for sharing the audio after the session! (It has took a lot of time to individually ask the permissions afterwards)
  • If you take pictures, or tweet with your phone, don’t block the microphone. This is the reason why sometimes the voice is a bit muted in our recordings.