Podcasts and Videos for Testers (and Others)

My friend asked me last week if I could share him any software development or testing related podcasts that he could listen while cycling. I said that I would reply to him when I find a good moment. I realized though that I should probably share those via blog post so others might benefit from it also. That’s the reason I’m writing this post now.

There’s just one catch. I haven’t listened that much podcasts. At least lately. On the other hand, I’ve listened a lot conference talks from Youtube & Vimeo, which might be useful also. Let’s see what I can come up with.


This Week in Software Testing

One of the first testing related podcasts that I found couple years ago, was This Week in Software Testing by Matthew Heusser & Michael Larsen. It would appear that some of the episodes can be downloaded without Software Test Pro registration, but at least my personal favorite (episode #4 with Jerry Weinberg) required registration. I know that people don’t like registrations, but I do think that Jerry’s episode alone is worth it on this case. There’s a small snippet of that episode on my past blog post.

AB Testing

Alan Page and Brent Jensen have had podcast episodes so far and I’ve listened few of them. Those have been interesting – especially if you want to have a peek inside Microsoft.


This is a podcast that’s hosted by Trish Khoo and Bruce McLeod. I’ve known about this podcast for a long time, but haven’t yet started listening it.

Testing Podcast

I’ve only heard one podcast related to this – and it was one with Richard Bradshaw about Automation in Testing

Testing in the Pub

Based on the recommendation of Stephen Janaway, I added this here. Considering that it’s hosted by Stephen & Dan Ashby, I would expect it to be worth listening.

Testing Bias

Andy Tinkham mentioned me this podcast which he and Ian Bannerman are hosting. Check it out!

How To Think About Science

I’m not actually sure if this is a podcast or what, but nevertheless interesting series of episodes about science. I originally found this because of the recommendation by Michael Bolton.


This seemed like a good software development podcast based on one episode (#65 Scott Hanselman with Martin Fowler & David Heinemeier Hanson) I recently listened.


These are the ones that I’ve had some experience with. There’s probably a lot more podcasts out there, especially if we expand the scope to software development in general.


Audio of several Let’s Test (2013) sessions

Me and my colleague recorded the audio of several sessions when we were at Let’s Test last year. Those can be found from my Dropbox shared folder. There’s also a blog post about that and it explains the background a bit more.

Audio of 4 Turku Agile Day (2014) sessions

I was giving a speak on Turku Agile Day this year and also recorded several sessions. After I had asked permission for sharing those, I put them on my Dropbox shared folder.


Besides audio & podcasts, I’ve personally focused more on Youtube and Vimeo videos from various conferences. I listen those while driving to work and back home. Below are many of the talks that I’ve enjoyed the most. I’ve listened all of them and can recommend those for that reason. I categorized them by the speaker as that’s probably the easiest way for me to do the categorization.

J. B. Rainsberger

Practical Tools for Playing Well with Others

7 minutes, 26 seconds

Extreme Personal Finance

Integrated Tests Are A Scam

The Economics of Software Design

Dave Snowden

Managing under conditions of uncertainty

How not to manage complexity

Tacit Knowledge

James Bach

Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing

Becoming a Software Testing Expert

Jon Bach

Telling Your Exploratory Story

Michael Bolton

Things Could Get Worse: Ideas About Regression Testing

How to get what you want from Testing

Cem Kaner

BBST Lectures

Zeger Van Hese

Artful Testing

Martin Fowler / Kent BeckDavid Heinemeier Hansson

Is TDD dead? [part I]

Is TDD dead? [part II]

Is TDD dead? [part III]

Is TDD dead? [part IV]

Is TDD dead? [part V & VI]

Neil Ford

Emergent Design

Abstraction Distractions

The Productive Programmer

James Lyndsay

There are Plenty of Ways to Manage Exploratory Testing

Alan Page

Where (Testing) Ideas Come From Testing

Keith Klain

How to Talk to a CIO About Software Testing (If You Really Have to…)

James Coplien

The New Defacto Scrum Standard

Julian Harty

Six Thinking Hats for Software Testers

Linda Rising

Fearless Change

The Agile Mindset — and Beyond

Fiona Charles

State of Software Testing – 2013 with Jerry Weinberg and Fiona Charles

Mind, Map and Strategy

Unburdening Testing. Finding the balance point for test documentation

Thinking Strategically About Testing

Jez Humble

Adopting Continuous Delivery

Jerry Weinberg

State of Software Testing – 2013 with Jerry Weinberg and Fiona Charles

Daniel Kahneman

@Google Presents: Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman on The Machinery of the Mind

Prof. Daniel Kahneman: “Thinking, Fast and Slow”

James Christie

Standards – promoting quality or restricting competition?

Ben Simo

There Was Not a Breach; There Was a Blog

Grady Booch

“I Think, Therefore I Am”

Dan North

Achieving Business Impact: Why Agile doesn’t scale

Interview with Dan North on Behavior-Driven Development

The Once and Future Kanban

Embracing Uncertainty

Allan Kelly

Continuous Delivery and Conway’s Law

Alan Richardson

Thinking Visually In Software Testing

The Evil Tester’s Guide to Technical Testing

Bret Victor

The Future of Programming

Inventing on Principle

Stop Drawing Dead Fish

Michael Skok

Startup Secrets Framework with Amazon Web Services

Kevlin Henney

Patterns for the People

Simon Sinek

Why Leaders Eat Last

If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business

W. Edwards Deming

A Theory of a System for Educators and Managers

W. Edward Deming Quality Guru

Russell Ackoff

If Russ Ackoff had given a TED Talk…

Systems-Based Improvement, Pt 1

Systems-Based Improvement, Pt 2

Systems-Based Improvement, Pt 3

Systems-Based Improvement, Pt 4

Scott Barber

“The ongoing evolution of testing in agile development”

Gojko Adzic

Reinventing software quality

Make Impacts Not Software

Visualizing quality

Jeff Patton

How hard could it be? What’s User Experience is and isn’t

Why common agile practice isn’t agile

Scott Hanselman

Information Overload and Managing the Flow

Amy Cuddy

Your body language shapes who you are

Gary Stager 

Seymour Papert — inventor of everything

Andrew Solomon

Depression, the secret we share

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The danger of a single story


Critical Thinker Academy


10 thoughts on “Podcasts and Videos for Testers (and Others)

  1. This is such a remarkable list and I really appreciate your effort. I’ve seen some of the video talks on youtube but you have provided material for my next many weeks :) I’ll start from Jerry Weinberg’s.

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